Finding the Right Spark Plugs for Your Car

A vehicle’s ignition system is essential for starting the engine. Nonetheless, the spark plug is just one part of the ignition system. To start the engine, the air-fuel mixture must be ignited in the combustion chamber by means of the spark plugs.

But they degrade on account of the continual exposure to heat. In some instances, they degrade with time. Regardless of the cause of their wear and tear, replacement is necessary. However, these replacement plugs are available in a wide range of sizes and types, so not everyone will fit. Because of this, many are wondering, “Which spark plugs will work with my vehicle?”

How to know which spark plugs fit my car?

It is only right that you use spark plugs that are engine-specific, as there is a wide variety of plugs available in terms of type, size gap, and length. So, how can I determine which spark plugs are right for my vehicle? There are a few resources that can provide you with this data; let’s investigate them.

Your vehicle’s owner’s Manual

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spark plugs are standard on all automobiles. These original equipment manufacturer (OEM) plugs are the ideal option for your vehicle since they are durable, fit snugly in the designated space, and can handle the power of your vehicle. Therefore, consult your vehicle’s manual for details regarding the spark plugs that the manufacturer suggests.
In addition to the recommended type and size, they also provide the part numbers. Just so you know, your manual will only mention the original equipment manufacturer spark plug, not the updated version. The documentation will only list the OEM CR8E, however NGK sells improved versions like CR8EIX.

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Use your supplier’s guide.

Spark plugs for various makes and models of vehicles are included in a spark plug chart that is available at many car repair shops. To locate the right fit for your automobile, use the make and model. Their spark plug cross-reference charts can assist in finding an alternative, even if the specified plugs are no longer in production.

Simple online tools

Sophistication in technology has further simplified living. Finding the right spark plug for your vehicle is easy with the help of simple web tools like spark plug finder. A list of compatible spark plugs should appear when you enter your vehicle’s registration number using the drop-down choices.

On the other hand, some of these online spark plug finders will conceal their alternatives until you choose some other data from a drop-down box. Details such as your car’s year, model, engine size, and manufacturer might be included in this data. If the spark plugs or upgrade that the manufacturer suggested are no longer manufactured, you can still use these internet tools.

Here, the spark plug cross reference becomes relevant. When the suggested spark plugs are out of stock, cross-referencing them implies searching for plugs that can fit. To locate a different, more appropriate match besides the one that was suggested, you can use online spark plug cross-referencing tools. All you need is the name of the manufacturer and the component number of the old plug


What kind of spark plugs are compatible with my vehicle? and any other questions you could have about this subject have been addressed in this page. You can find the information on the optimal fit in your owner’s manual or on the product that came with your vehicle. You can also identify the ideal spark plugs for your car by using an online tool like Bosch’s spark plug finder. To use the spark plug finder by reg, all you need is your car registration number.

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In some instances, you might require additional information about the car, such as its year, model, engine number, or cylinder count. Even though you might not always be able to purchase OEM plugs, it’s important to use the updated version or brand that your manufacturer advises. In addition to reducing performance, using the improper spark plugs can lead to wasteful spending.

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