What differentiates a platinum spark plug from an iridium spark plug?

Every vehicle needs spark plugs to start and run its engine. Spark plug type affects engine performance and efficiency.

Copper-core center electrodes conduct electricity well, so most spark plugs have them. It has good heat transfer and is better than other plug materials.

Nickel is used to protect spark plug copper due to its softness and low melting point. Depending on the plug, the electrode may have a platinum or iridium tip to optimize performance. Let’s compare iridium and platinum spark plugs to see which is best for spark plugs.

Iridium Spark Plug: What Is It?

Iridium spark plugs are durable, efficient, and have a high melting point. Iridium is a remarkable metal with many benefits. Iridium can last a long time, extending the lifespan of your car’s spark plugs. Iridium spark plugs are wear-resistant and beautifully consistent by nature. Some of the best spark plugs ever.

A platinum spark plug: what is it?

Platinum spark plugs are similar to copper spark plugs, but the center electrode is platinum-welded to the tip. Platinum helps the plug last 100,000 miles.

Platinum spark plugs generate more heat, reducing debris buildup. This spark plug is recommended for new cars with electronic distributor ignition.

Iridium vs. Platinum Spark Plug

Iridium has a different melting point, strength, performance, and durability than platinum. Iridium maybe eight times stronger and six times harder than platinum. It melts at 700 degrees higher than platinum.

Platinum spark plugs wear out faster than iridium. Platinum plugs last 25% less than iridium plugs.

Spark Plug Materials: Iridium vs. Platinum

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Advanced spark plugs use iridium and platinum, which are better than regular ones. Iridium is more expensive, stronger, and harder than platinum.

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Iridium is much stronger than platinum, so it can last 25% longer.

Iridium spark plugs are strong, efficient, have a high melting point, and perform well. They cost more than platinum and other spark plugs.

Price of Iridium vs. Platinum Spark Plug

Iridium is more valuable and better than platinum, so its price differs. Iridium averaged $2,550 per troy ounce in 2020. Iridium rose to $6,000 per troy ounce in March 2021.

Iridium costs almost six times platinum, which costs $1,015 per ounce. Iridium has more capacity than platinum everywhere.

Spark Plug Performance: Platinum vs. Iridium

Platinum performs well compared to other spark plugs, but iridium stands out. Iridium ignites air and fuel compression better in the combustion chamber. This is a major difference in platinum and iridium performance.

Iridium outperforms platinum in efficiency and has many advantages. Platinum and iridium spark plugs last 100,000–120,000 miles, respectively. You may not need to change your spark plugs with iridium.

Platinum vs. Iridium Pros and Cons

Features, performance, and efficiency differ between iridium and platinum spark plugs. Despite being stronger than platinum, iridium has drawbacks. You must weigh the pros and cons of iridium and platinum before choosing a plug for your car.
Pros of Iridium Spark Plug:

  • It’s harder than platinum.
  • It operates at a lower voltage.
  • This spark plug outlasts platinum and most others.


  • In comparison to platinum and other spark plugs, it is expensive.

Pros of Platinum Spark Plug:

  • More durable than copper plugs.
  • It reduces debris, especially in the spark plug hole.
  • Platinum spark plugs cost less than iridium.
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  • Platinum spark plugs are weaker than iridium ones.

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