How To Change Engine Oil At Home (Easy Guide)

Many car owners have their oil changed by a service, but it’s not hard to change your own oil if you know how. You can change the oil in your car quickly and easily if you know what to do and you have the tools you need.

Before you change the oil in your car for the first time, check the owner’s manual to determine the type of oil and oil filter your car model needs.

Oil comes in various types and grades, It’s very important to use the proper type for your car. 
You can also find out how much oil your car holds and how often you need to change the oil in the owner’s manual. 

Before you start changing your oil, you need to get a few things together: the right type and amount of oil for your car, a new oil filter, a place to put the old oil, a few rags, an oil filter wrench, other wrenches, jacks or ramps, and safety wedges.

How to Change Your Engine Oil in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Lift Your Car

The first step in changing the oil on your car is to lift it so you can get under it. Changing your oil on your own can be dangerous because you will be working under a heavy car.

Car jack stand

Changing your oil on your own can be dangerous because you will be working under a heavy car. Make sure your car is safely raised so you can move underneath it without getting hurt. 
There are two safe ways to lift your car so you can change the oil. You can put two jacks on either side of the front of your car, or you can use a set of ramps that you drive your car up onto. 

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No matter which choice you make, you should put wedges under the back wheels of your car to keep it from rolling onto you as you work underneath it. If you don’t know if your car is stable, don’t get under it.

Step 2: Locate Oil Pan and Oil Filter

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To start changing your oil, look in the owner’s manual for where the oil pan is. Make sure you know where the oil is in the engine before you loosen any drains. 
Find the oil filter as well. The oil filter will look like a metal cylinder that sticks out of the engine. Find out where the oil filter is on your car by looking at the owner’s manual.

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 Step 3: Drain Old Oil

Next, get under your car and put a container where the oil will go as it drains from the oil pan. Loosen the bolt on the oil pan with a wrench, and then pull it off with your fingers. 

The oil will flow into the container easily. It will take some time to do this. As the old oil drains out, go back to where your oil filter is and remove it by turning it in the opposite direction of the clock.
You might be able to remove the oil filter by hand, but most people will need an oil filter wrench to loosen it. 

Remove the new oil filter from its packaging, then spin it clockwise to install it. When the oil filter is being changed, it is normal for small amounts of oil to leak out of it. Don’t make the oil filter too tight. After all the old oil has been drained from the oil pan, put the bolt back in place. Use a wrench to make the bolt tighter, but don’t make it too tight. Take the container with the old oil out from under the car, and then lower it.

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Step 4: Add New Oil

Lastly, replace the old oil with new oil of the right type and amount. You can find this information in the owner’s manual for your car. To change the oil without spilling, use a funnel. Change the cap on the oil. Bring down the hood of your car. Start the car’s engine and let it run for a few minutes. Last, look for leaks on the ground and use the dip stick to check the oil level.

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