Who Makes ACDelco Oil Filters?

ACDelco is a trusted brand for oil filters, known for their reliability and high-quality construction. In this article, we will discuss who makes ACDelco oil filters, their pros and cons, and the best ACDelco oil filters available in the market.

Who Makes ACDelco Oil Filters?

ACDelco is a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) that specializes in manufacturing original parts for GM vehicles. However, ACDelco does not manufacture most of the car components it deals with. Instead, it sources them from partner companies and modifies and brands them.

ACDelco oil filters are products of Champions Laboratories Inc., a firm that has been specializing in automotive filters since its inception in 1936. Champions Laboratories Inc. is a subsidiary of First Brands Group, a global car part manufacturer. FRAM, another renowned oil filter brand, is also a subsidiary of First Brands Group, and reports indicate that it also provides ACDelco with oil filters.

Pros of ACDelco Oil Filters

  • Reliability: ACDelco oil filters are known for their high-grade construction, making them robust and less prone to wear and tear.
  • OE-grade for GM models: ACDelco filters are OE-grade for GM models. If you need a replacement, you are sure of getting the right part, and GM highly recommends them.
  • Variety: ACDelco offers a range of oil filters, including OE, Silver, and Gold categories, depending on your preferred standards and finances.
  • Global Presence: ACDelco has a global presence, making it easy to access its products.
  • Excellent Services: ACDelco’s services are excellent, boosted by an efficient customer support center and reasonable warranty terms.

Cons of ACDelco Oil Filters

  • Price: ACDelco filters are pricy, which is understandable due to their quality. However, the good thing is you get your money’s worth.
  • Availability: While ACDelco has a global presence, getting its products in some parts of the world, especially in Asia and Africa, is hard. It calls for shipping from nearby locations, a costly and time-intensive affair.
  • Compatibility: Oil filters are not universal, and they may not be fit for some vehicles, despite their usability. OE-grade filters leave little room for customization.
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What Makes ACDelco Oil Filters Good?

ACDelco oil filters stand out from competitors for various reasons, mostly regarding their structure. They undergo rigorous processing and modification to meet industry standards. The filters have a sturdy outer shell that enhances their resiliency and longevity. The overall design of ACDelco oil filters makes them sturdy against heat, pressure, and corrosive agents like chemicals.

ACDelco’s oil filters sport technologically advanced filtration media and construction to sift away potential contaminants that can damage your engine. The synthetic blend media ensures that your engine always runs on clean lubricant. A heat-treated tension spring holds the filtration media in place under different running conditions for effectiveness.

The lubricant filters are among the best due to their compatibility. GM endorses ACDelco filters for its models, which fit perfectly without calling for modifications. A precise fit shields you from troubles such as oil leaks from unstable connections.

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