Silicone Wiper Blades vs. Rubber Wiper Blades: Which One is Better

When driving in wet weather, the windshield wiper is a lifesaver. On top of that, these auto parts are useful for defrosting and cleaning windshields. The component of the wipers that makes touch with the window is called the blade. This leads us to the age-old debate between rubber and silicone wiper blades.

What Is A Silicone Wiper Blade?

Wiper blades made of silicone are exactly what they sound like. Because the material is so effective at removing dirt and water from the windshield, they are used in a number of wiper models.

You may learn more about the benefits and operation of silicone wiper blades by reading Reddit threads about them. This kind of wiper blade has the advantage of being long-lasting. It shows no indications of wear and tear and will last for generations.

The part when it gradually forms a hydrophobic film on the windshield is its crowning glory. Because this layer stops water droplets from sticking to the window, removing rainwater is easy.

Plus, blades made of silicone don’t make a sound. You won’t have to endure the annoying shrieking of the wiper as it moves.

Pros of Silicone Wiper Blades

Are silicone blades for wipers a better option? If we examine its benefits, we can say yes to this question. The silicone blades will last longer than the average material because of their superior durability. Because the blade is less likely to wear, you won’t have to worry about the wiper blade striking the window very often.

The practicality of this wiper blade type is something you will also value. They leave no visible streaks on mirrors and make no noise whatsoever. On top of that, they apply a silicone coating to the windshield. It makes the mirror hydrophobic, which makes it simpler for water to drain off the windshield.

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The versatility of these wiper blades makes them useful in a wide range of climates. You can rely on them in wet and snowy weather to keep the snow off your windshield.

Cons of Silicone Wiper Blades

You should be aware of the few drawbacks of silicone wiper blades, despite their many benefits.
They might be difficult to obtain and can be somewhat pricey. Furthermore, certain models of silicone wiper blades might be damaged by sudden fluctuations in temperature. When exposed to extreme heat or cold, their performance degrades.

What Is A Rubber Wiper Blade?

Next, we’ll take a look at rubber blades for wipers. Their accessibility is one reason why they have been there for so long in the car business. On top of that, they are reasonably priced and demonstrate some resilience.

The many types of rubber wiper blades are something to keep in mind. If you’re looking for silicone wiper blades, the heavy-duty ones work great. On the other hand, there are the more common varieties, which are both inexpensive and effective. On the other hand, you may need to replace them frequently because their resilience may be poor.

Pros of a Rubber Wiper Blade

Because they are inexpensive, rubber wiper blades are a popular choice. You can rely on them, and they are easy to reach. Rubber blades are tough and long-lasting because of the protective sheath they give.

Rubber can withstand a lot of wear and tear from things like sunlight and sudden temperature swings.


Rubber wiper blade quality varies; premium blades are pricey yet long-lasting. Although they are inexpensive, the low-quality options quickly deteriorate. Additionally, you can face problems with streaking and noise generation.

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Important parts of your windshield cleaning system are the wiper blades. To help you understand how they work and to help you choose the ideal one, this article offers you the argument between rubber and silicone wiper blades.

The essay gives us hints about the pricing of rubber blades and the durability of silicone blades. You can now choose the most appropriate material from the two options thanks to the details given.

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