Oil on Camshaft Position Sensor: Causes and Fixes

Along with other critical auto parts, the camshaft position sensor is an absolute must-have. The engine of the car can then determine where the crankshaft drive is located thanks to this.

Data on the camshaft speed is communicated to the engine control module (ECM) by this part of the vehicle. Simultaneously, the ECM determines the timing of the engine’s ignition and fuel injection based on the data obtained from the cam sensor.

What Causes Oil On Camshaft Position Sensor

Because it is introduced through a hole in the cylinder head of the car, the camshaft position sensor is covered in oil. Keep in mind that oil shouldn’t be present on or covering the outside portion of the cam sensor located on the cylinder head.

The most common cause of oil leakage from the camshaft position sensor is a faulty gasket or sensor seal.

Leaking gasket/sensor seal

A camshaft positioning features a spherical seal at the top of the cylinder, constructed from long-lasting rubber. The seal around the camshaft position sensor can wear down with time, though, so they won’t endure forever.

The oil would seep out of a worn-out cam position sensor’s seal and onto the outside of the camshaft position sensor. The Check Engine light can go out the moment oil begins to drip.

If you’re curious about the consequences of a malfunctioning camshaft sensor, the engine will stall. Is it safe to continue driving if the camshaft sensor is malfunctioning? Beyond the small issues, it could harm the car’s engine, so it’s not ideal.

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If the oil leak is not corrected promptly, the camshaft position sensor will inevitably fail. A car’s crankshaft position sensor works in the same way. In such a case, you might choose to get a temporary solution for the cam sensor and the crankshaft position sensor.


When oil seeps out of an automotive component, it can cause issues for both the leaking component and any nearby components. There are a number of problems that can arise when oil gets on the camshaft position sensor, including the engine stopping, not starting, and overheating.

Before the problem gets worse, try to find and fix small oil leaks at the camshaft position sensor and its vicinity. Get in touch with a professional vehicle mechanic right away if you notice any leaks; they will diagnose the problem and fix it in no time.

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