How to Repair Catalytic Converter Without Replacing? 4 Expert Methods

A catalytic converter is a crucial exhaust system component that should last at least ten years. The part is also costly. It will cause costly repairs if it fails. Since repairing a faulty catalytic converter is expensive, you may ask how to replace one cheaply.

Repairing a catalytic converter is cheaper than replacing it. Simple ways for fixing a catalytic converter without replacing it are described in this article. Sit while I explain everything.

Fixing Catalytic Converter Without Replacing

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A catalytic converter that has not rattled, warped, discolored, or smelled like rotten eggs can be repaired without replacement. Thus, catalytic converters can be repaired rather than replaced. Adding lacquer thinner to your gas tank, removing and washing the cat con, or driving forcefully can do the trick.

01. Fuel additive use

You can repair or prevent catalytic converter damage by applying gasoline additives to the gas tank. Fuel additives improve engine performance and catalytic converter cleaning. Catalytic converter repair is quick. Premium and super-premium gas have additives, so you don’t need them.

Use super-premium or premium gas for a period to determine whether it fixes engine performance, fuel mileage, P0430, and P0420, or other catalytic issues.

Put lacquer thinner in the tank if you can’t afford premium gas. The right result requires the right measurement. I recommend 1-gallon lacquer thinner in a half tank. After that, drive 150 miles at highway speed. Other gasoline additives can boost engine performance and clean the cat system.

I wrote about fixing the catalytic converter check engine light. That post explains how to clear this dashboard monster light.

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02. Wash catalytic converter

Remove and wash the catalytic converter with water and detergent next. Naturally, you must roll your sleeves and become dirty. Lift the car on jack stands to clean the cat con.

Get a mechanic mart and slide under the car. Disconnect the exhaust pipe catalytic converter bolts. This strategy seems technical, but it’s not difficult, so most people won’t like it.

After removing the cat con, fill a bowl with boiling water with a degreaser or laundry detergent. Let the catalytic converter soak overnight in the bowl. Pressure wash and dry the catalytic converter the next day, then reinstall.

If you prefer not to touch it, see a mechanic. To find nearby mechanic businesses, simply search for “cheap catalytic converter repair near me” or “fix catalytic converter near me” on your phone.

Cleaning the catalytic converter works better than additions. Consider this strategy for better results.

03. Driving hard

I’m not asking you to transform your car into a road beast. You must drive hard within your controllable speed limit. If you rarely accelerate, this may fix the problem.

Automakers built catalytic converters to heat up for best performance. Thus, if you only commute to work, take kids to school, shop, or go to the mosque or church, the cat con may never reach its optimal temperature.

Drive occasionally and use the gas pedal. Press the gas pedal to your limit. Lower the accelerator, withdraw your foot, and wait before hitting it again. Perform this numerous times at your highest speed.
04. Remove cat con

The only cure for catalytic converter problems including rattling noise, rotten egg smell, discoloration, or warping is to delete or replace it. This article discusses fixing cat con difficulties without replacement, thus considering catalytic converter elimination.

Converter delete is a good option for replacing a dead catalytic converter. The catalytic converter must be removed and replaced with a straight pipe.

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