H11 vs. H11B: Which Headlight Bulb is Best?

You can come across the H11 vs. H11B problem when replacing your low-beam light bulbs, which will urge you to select the appropriate one. Given that the names of the two bulbs are so similar, it is simple to become confused.

What’s the Difference between H11 and H11B Bulbs?

There are more variations shown in the table below.

FeatureH11 BulbH11B Bulb
PlugEnclosed prongsExposed prongs
Average lifespan270 hours for halogen lamps and over 30,000 hours for LED bulbs930 hours for halogen lamps, 50,000 hours for LED bulbs
UsesLow beam and fog lightsLow beam lights
Headlight socket compatibilityCompatible with other headlight sockets, such as H8, H9 and H16Not compatible with other socket, though it a design similar to H8B and H9B
Vehicle modelsAlmost all automotive manufacturersA few vehicle models, like Hyundai and Kia,

What Does H11B Stand For?

Auto commentators claim that the H11B is an H11 bulb variant, with the letter “B” standing for the base, which is a crucial area of difference between the two bulbs. The H11B can be a HID, LED, or halogen light bulb; many people choose the latter two because of its durability and brightness.

The H11B is a low-beam light bulb that uses a single filament and has exposed prongs, just like regular electronics sockets. Its installation is determined by its PGJY19-2 base; you have to screw the lightbulb into its socket.

This bulb has an average lifespan of 930 hours, which is one of its enticing features. Because both the H8B and H9B sockets and the H11B bulb have protruding prongs, their designs are comparable. However, because of their different specifications and intended uses, it is not recommended to use the lamps interchangeably. This bulb is only used in a select few car brands, like Hyundai and Kia.
Choosing between H11A and H11B is necessary when switching to a HID lightbulb. There is a return wire on each of the two HID bulbs, however it is positioned differently. There are three tabs on each bulbs, one of which is wider. The return wire is positioned adjacent to the broadest tab on the H11A and across from the largest tab on the H11B.

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What Does H11 Stand For?

The H11 bulb is widely used in automobiles, with several manufacturers utilizing it. Similar to the H11B, this bulb features a single filament that can be LED, HID, or halogen. The H11 is a good choice for fog light bulbs even though it’s mainly used for low-beam lights.

With its PGJ19-2 base jutting outward to encompass the prongs, it has a distinctive L-shaped structure. When installing the lightbulb, the base makes it simple to insert it into the socket.

H11 can be used with sockets H8, H9, and H16. Are the bulbs 9005 and H11 the same? The headlight bulbs 9005 and H11 share the same L-shaped base.

Despite these similarities, they differ in that the H11 is a low beam while the 9005 is a high beam. Furthermore, unless certain changes are made, such as the use of extensions and adapters, the 9005 cannot fit into the H11’s socket and vice versa.

And what distinguishes H11 from H11A? It’s almost true that the majority of people confuse H11 and H11A for one another. The return wire on the H11A, the HID variant of the H11, is what creates the HID ground shadow.

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