Duralast vs. EverStart: Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car

Because of how important it is, you must be very careful when selecting a car battery. There are a lot of ways in which a poor battery might ruin your driving experience. This Duralast vs. EverStart review should help you make an informed decision.

Duralast Overview

The in-house brand of AutoZone is Duralast Battery. With a vast selection of products and a large customer base, AutoZone is a massive auto parts business. May I inquire about the manufacturer of Duralast batteries? The batteries are not made by AutoZone.
A former supplier of batteries to AutoZone was the American multinational corporation Johnson Controls, with headquarters in Cork, Ireland. Nevertheless, Clarios (formerly Brookfield Business Partners) purchased Johnson Controls’ power segment.

Johnson Control sets the standards, and Clarios follows them. The batteries are guaranteed to operate very well because they are subjected to extensive testing to ensure they are in top condition.

A wide variety of batteries are available from Duralast, allowing them to fulfill a wide range of needs. When it comes to parameters like reserve capacity and cold cranking amps (CCA), Duralast OE batteries are up to snuff. If you wish to follow the advice of your car manufacturer, they are perfect for you.

Duralast Gold, an upgrade from OE-grade batteries, is the way to go if you’re looking for maximum power. Because of its increased cold cranking amperage, Duralast Gold is well-suited for use in harsh weather and driving environments.

You can choose between an AGM and an EFB when shopping for a Duralast Platinum battery. The enhanced flooded battery, or Duralast Platinum EFB, has a rapid recharge time, allowing it to reliably supply power to vehicles with high power demands. For newer cars with start/stop technology and high-power accessories, the absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery from Duralast Platinum is an ideal choice.

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A second option is the durablealast marine battery, which is ideal for use in boats and recreational vehicles. This long-lasting battery has a high-density paste that makes it resistant to vibrations.

EverStart Overview

Now let’s turn the page and talk about EverStart batteries, which are a brand owned by the American retail giant Walmart. Instead of making its own batteries, Walmart buys them from reliable suppliers and rebrands them. Who then produces EverStart batteries?

The same business that makes Duralast batteries is also behind EverStart batteries, which are manufactured by Clarios. Following the sale of Johnson Controls’ power division, Clarios paid a visit, as mentioned earlier. Johnson Controls used to be the source for EverStart batteries.

Jump starters and chargers are only two of the many products that go by the EverStart moniker. Here, we put greater emphasis on batteries, where a plethora of options may be found. With cold cranking amperage ratings ranging from 490 to 650, the EverStart Value batteries are an affordable option.

With the EverStart Plus, you get a little extra juice for your buck. The EverStart Maxx, with a CCA of about 800, is an improvement that offers more durability and dependability. In harsh environments, it works wonders. The EverStart Platinum is ideal for contemporary vehicles due to their high electrical requirements and demanding nature.

Usually made of lead acid, EverStart marine batteries have great charging and cycling capabilities. In addition to being durable, they require little upkeep.


There are a lot of different kinds of car batteries out there, making it difficult for consumers to choose the best one when they need a replacement. This article compares and contrasts two well-known brands—Duralast from AutoZone and EverStart from Walmart. The two businesses have these battery labels made in-house, so they’re easy to find.

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