Car Battery Terminal: Which to Connect or Disconnect First?

Car batteries appear to be simple to connect and disconnect. The process of connecting or disconnecting the battery cables from their respective terminals is quite simple, yet it is also one of the most perplexing tasks to complete.

Which car battery terminal to connect, positive or negative first? 

When attaching a battery, it can be difficult to tell which way the positive and negative terminals should be located without a reference. The correct way to connect a battery is with the positive terminal connected first, followed by the negative terminal.
Why is the positive terminal connected first? That is the BIG QUESTION. The reason behind this is the added security it offers during the connection process.
You risk electric shock if you connect the negative terminal to the car’s battery before the positive, since the spanner or wrench you’re using to secure the positive line will come into touch with the car’s metal components.

Carefully connect the positive end of the cable to the battery’s positive terminal before securing the negative end to the termination; this will prevent an unexpected electrical shock or fire.

Which car battery terminal to remove, positive or negative first? 

When taking the battery cap off, it could be difficult to see which way the positive and negative terminals go. The cords aren’t just wires that you may haphazardly unplug when you take the battery out.

Hence, take your time removing the negative battery terminal before proceeding to the positive. The wrench you use to remove the positive cable could contact the metal surface of the car’s body or the engine block, causing a powerful spark that could damage the battery, therefore it’s best to detach the positive terminal before the negative.

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Then you just need to connect the car’s battery in the opposite way. So, whereas the positive terminal is used to initiate the connection process, the negative terminal is used to initiate the disconnecting operation. I suggest looking at how to securely detach the automobile battery for more recommendations.


Handling mechanical or electrical components without proper safety precautions might lead to serious consequences. The user or other components could be seriously hurt or damaged by the impact.

You shouldn’t give any thought to the positive or negative before hooking up or unplugging a car’s battery. As an alternative, you should consult the owner’s manual and adhere to the steps outlined there. In any case, you should consult an expert, or at least make use of the data presented in this article.

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