Brake Lamp Bulb Fault: Causes and Solutions

Cars come standard with a plethora of safety features installed by automakers. In this regard, the brake light is an important safety component. The rear brake lights will illuminate to let other drivers know that the vehicle in front of you is braking or stopping when you press down on the brake pedal.

What does brake lamp bulb fault mean?

Whenever the system senses a problem with the brakes that impacts the brake lamps at the back of the car, a warning message will appear on the dashboard. If there is a problem with the power connection to the brake bulbs or if the brake light is flashing, these warning messages will show.

Not all vehicles will see this warning notice, and it doesn’t appear frequently either. On the other hand, if you’re facing this problem, the likely reasons and solutions are laid out below.

The “brake lamp bulb fault” alert that appears on the Ford Kuga and other models is simply a helpful hint about what’s happening. Here, you’ll need to figure out who’s to blame by identifying the problem with the brake light bulbs and suggesting fixes.

In common parlance, a “brake lamp bulb fault” describes any issue with the brakes that stops the brake light from turning on. Whatever the reason may be, some cars simply will not show this warning sign.

You can’t call the brake light bulb a “isolator unit.” Depressing the pedal activates a number of other parts, such as associated switches and fuses. So, why do some Ford Focus and other models’ brake lamp bulbs fail?

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What causes brake lamp bulb fault

The brake lamp bulb failure on Ford Escapes and other vehicles can be caused by a number of things. Problems with the wiring, light bulbs, fuses, brake switches, modules, or relays are all examples of such factors.

  • Faulty brake switch
  • Dead or faulty bulbs
  • Wiring issues
  • Blown fuses
  • Defective modules or relays

How do you fix the brake lamp bulb fault?

There are a number of potential solutions to the problem of brake lamp bulb failures, as there are numerous potential reasons.

  • Replace a dead brake bulb.
  • Replace a defective brake switch
  • Fix wiring issues
  • Replace a lousy fuse
  • Contact an experienced service technician.

Can I drive without brake lights?

In the United States, driving without a brake light is against the law. This is why the vast majority of law enforcement officials will print a citation for careless driving without a stop light. Taking care of the issue as soon as you see it will save you all that trouble. Nevertheless, there are police officers who will merely issue a warning if they see that you are driving with even a single broken brake light.


Not all cars, particularly older ones, will display a warning message if the brake light bulb is faulty. Therefore, it’s possible that your first vehicle doesn’t have this function, and you might not see it displayed on your dashboard at any point in time.

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