Cleaning Your Leather Steering Wheel: A Simple Guide

Cars that have beautiful interiors are always a good choice for comfort and style. One component of a high-quality vehicle’s interior is the steering wheel, which is typically made of leather. Knowing how to properly clean the wheel is an important skill to have for the life of your vehicle.

How to Clean Leather Steering Wheel Step-by-Step Guide

Most of the time, you’ll be concentrating on the wheel of your car rather than any other component. The leather steering wheel will get quite filthy due to the rapid transfer of oils and lotions from your hands, which can be filthy, sweaty, or even clean.
Over time, the accumulation of oils, grime, and bacteria on the steering wheel can make it harder to hold onto. A few simple techniques to cleaning your leather steering wheel on a regular basis will keep it clean and prevent buildup.

Dust off with a dry cloth:

Cleaning a leather steering wheel is as easy as brushing off the grime with a dry cloth. The clean cloth can be stored in the glove compartment for easy access during instruction and routine cleaning.

Always be prepared to clean your steering wheel when you get into your car by keeping a towel on hand. To keep your leather steering wheel looking its best, wipe off dirt and grime regularly.

Apply the leather cleaner on a microfiber towel:

If your steering wheel gets dirty, apply a leather cleaner like KevianClean for your car. You can use a spray bottle for this, so if your cleaners don’t come with one, pour some into one.

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In the absence of a dedicated leather wheel cleaner, you can use any shoe cleaner on your leather steering wheel. One part multi-purpose cleaner to three parts water is another homemade leather cleaning recipe.

Be cautious not to soak the towel when you spray the leather cleaner on it until it becomes wet.

Wipe the leather steering wheel with the cloth:

After that, spin the cloth around so the leather steering wheel is softly wiped. After that, hold the wheel with one hand and the cloth over the other. Gently twist the cloth forward and backward to remove any residue from the entire wheel.

Remove the excess:

After you’ve dampened a fresh cloth with warm water, use it to carefully wipe the leather steering wheel of any extra cleaning. After that, dry it off with a soft towel.

Apply leather conditioner:

Apply a tiny amount of leather conditioner to your steering wheel after you’ve dried it with a soft towel. Applying a small amount of conditioner to your palm, rub it gently over the wheel with your bare hands.

After 30 minutes, use a microfiber towel to soak up any extra conditioner. Protect your steering wheel and keep it flexible for a long time by using the leather conditioner weekly.


One of the dirtiest things you touch every day is probably your car’s steering wheel, so it’s important to keep it clean. To keep your leather steering wheel looking like new every day, we have included some important cleaning suggestions.

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