Why Is Water Leaking From My Car’s AC?

An important part of each vehicle is the air conditioner, which regulates the temperature inside the vehicle based on outside conditions. A lot of misery might be yours when your air conditioner breaks down.

That’s why, whether it’s winter or summer, most people are picky about the efficiency of their car’s air conditioning. You may now understand why the excessive water pouring from your car’s air conditioner is causing you concern.

What Are The Reasons for Excessive Water Leaking From Car Air Conditioners?

Two distinct kinds of water leaks can occur in an automobile air conditioner. The car’s exterior is dripping with water in an alarming amount. The car’s water leak may become apparent only after you’ve turned off the engine. It is not uncommon to discover water leaking under a car after using the air conditioner for long periods of time on hot days. This is the result of your car’s air conditioner sucking moisture from the air and storing it in the vehicle’s reservoir.

Leaks that originate within your vehicle constitute the second category of leaks. If you see this, it’s best to get expert treatment. Having said that, if your automobile is dripping water at an alarming rate, here are a few potential causes. A”My car is leaking water but not overheating.” Hopefully, by the time you reach the conclusion of the post, you will have the answers you need.

Problems with the Condensate Drain Pipe/Pan

When you switch on your car’s air conditioner, a lot of water can flow into the cabin if the condensate drain is clogged. I will explain why this occurs. Removing humidity from the air is essential for cooling the inside of your vehicle. Your car’s condensate drain is there to remove the water that has condensed from the moisture after cooling. Water begins to seep into the vehicle as soon as dirt and debris obstruct the condensate drain. One sign of a blocked ac drain in a car is water spilling into the vehicle.

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Another possible source of water leaking from your car’s air conditioner is a poorly installed condensate drain. There will be water seepage inside your vehicle if the condensate drain is not securely fastened to the ventilation system. Installing a drainage basin that is too small could potentially be the problem.

Water leaking from your air conditioner can also be caused by a broken condensate pan, which can happen due to wear & tear, accidents, or rust.

Low Refrigerant

Your car’s air conditioner requires a specific amount of refrigerant in order to circulate cool air inside your vehicle. The air conditioning pressure in a car drops as soon as the refrigerant level drops. When this happens, the condensate drain pan overflows and leaks because the evaporator coils freeze. Your vehicle may potentially release hot air if the refrigerant level is low.

Blocked Air Filters

The air filters in your vehicle will become dirty over time from the constant exposure to moisture and dust when you turn on the air conditioning. The evaporator coils in your car’s air conditioner are susceptible to freezing when air filters become dirty and eventually become blocked. In such a case, the condensate drain pan will fill up and spill out any surplus water. Because of this, the car’s air conditioner leaks water excessively.

Problem with the Evaporator

Water from the outside draining into the evaporator core might happen if the evaporator drain is clogged. In the event of a flood, this radiator-like component allows some water to seep into the air conditioning vents. This is the typical situation when you find water dripping from your car’s air conditioning vents.

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The basic structure of the evaporator makes it easier for biodegradable materials, such as leaves, to enter the evaporator through the vents. The evaporator core rusts from these decomposing components, which eventually leads to leakage. An overflow of water from your car’s air conditioner could be the result of this leak.


An operational vehicle Having an air conditioning system in your vehicle is a wonderful asset in both the hot and cold seasons. The reason behind this is that it allows you to customize the temperature inside the automobile to your liking. There will be occasions when your air conditioner gives you the willies. Take the case of discovering that your car’s air conditioner is dripping water excessively.

Finding water dripping into your vehicle is never an ideal circumstance. But now that you’ve read this article, you should understand the source of the water leakage in your car’s air conditioning system. If you observe anything like this, it’s best to have a professional check your car.

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