Decoding the P0011 Code: Causes and Solutions

The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) computer system in your vehicle will notify you when a problem has emerged through the use of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). A distinct DTC code is assigned by the onboard computer for each malfunction identified by the OBD computer system. The DTC code was developed by automakers to assist drivers in identifying and fixing vehicle problems.

What Does P0011 Mean?

Based on its letter-digit combination, code P0011, is a generic error that every automaker makes.

When an automobile has VCT or VVT, the system may display the error code P0011.

Error Code P0011 indicates that the camshaft position “A” is overly advanced in terms of timing or system performance in bank 1. The failure of the Engine Control Module (ECM) to correct the camshaft’s advanced position angle to its intended position is the cause of the malfunction indicated by the code.

If you get an error number P0011, it indicates that the intake camshaft position timing is ahead of schedule. Regardless, a P0011 number in several automakers indicates minor issues. Take, as an illustration,

  • P0011 Nissan – This code indicates that the IVT control is malfunctioning.
  • The Peugeot P0011 code indicates a problem with the VVT (or VCT, for Variable Camshaft Timing).
  • Problems with the system that controls the advance and retard of the engine timing are indicated by the P0011 Hyundai code.
  • Chevy P0011 indicates that the camshaft position angle is off from where it should be.
  • Problem with the Intake Valve Timing control performance (Bank 1) is the source of the P0011 Infiniti code.
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What Are The Symptoms Of Code P0011?

Noticable symptoms indicate the presence of a defect whenever the code P0011 is recognized. A few of these signs include;

  • Check engine light.
  • Hard starting 
  • High fuel consumption.
  • A rattling noise emanates from the engine.
  • Engine running rough, hesitating, and stalling
  • Foul engine emissions inviting emission test failure

What Causes Code P0011?

You might wonder, “What could cause a P0011 code?” if you notice an error code P0011 on your vehicle’s electronic control module (ECM). It could be due to the engine oil level being either too low or unclean.

Some other reasons why you might see a VVT solenoid code or an error code P0011 include;

  • The chamber for variable valve timing receives oil continuously.
  • Lousy Solenoid valve timing controller with variable parameters
  • Engine oil viscosity is incorrect
  • Camshaft Phaser continues to remain in its advanced state.
  • More advanced camshaft than what is controlled by ECM
  • The camshaft-phasers do not receive or send enough oil.

Code P0011 Common Diagnosis

An problem with the code P0011 is easy to diagnose. Regardless, there are cases where a diagnosis is incorrect. Here are some examples of the most common avoidable diagnostic errors:

  • Neglecting to inspect the sensors for defects prior to their replacement.
  • Not investigating possible reasons before choosing a course of action.
  • Playing around with the PCM and sensors without the right knowledge.
  • Not clearing all (prior) error codes while running tests.

Misdiagnosis due to not following the manufacturer-provided, step-by-step protocol for conducting diagnostic checks.


Driving your lovely car with a code P0011 shouldn’t be a source of misery. You can keep this from happening if you diagnose your vehicle anytime the onboard system registers a trouble code, do routine inspections, and change the oil at the recommended intervals.

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Always follow the guidelines laid out in your owner’s manual when it comes to the type of engine oil recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Not paying attention to this might lead to issues with your vehicle, since it may not run smoothly or work correctly if you use oil with the improper density or of low quality.

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