10 Common Reasons Behind Car Engine Vibration

Feel like you’re driving a mini earthquake on wheels? Your car’s engine vibration could be signaling an array of hidden issues. Let’s dive into the top ten reasons your ride might be more rocky than smooth, and get you back to a vibration-free journey.

What are the Reasons Behind Car Engine Vibration?

The following are 10 reasons behind abnormal engine vibration:

  • Worn engine mounts: Engine mounts keep the engine securely in place; over time, with normal wear and tear, they can start to deteriorate, which can cause vibrations.
  • Loose or Disconnected Hoses: Hoses carry an air-fuel mixture to the Engine. If they are disconnected, the engine result in vibrations when idling and at running speeds.
  • Misfiring cylinders: This happens when one or more cylinders in the engine are not firing correctly due to a faulty spark plug. The unburnt fuel in the cylinder will cause the engine to vibrate.
  • Exhaust system damage: A damaged exhaust allows exhaust gases to escape, creating an unbalanced exhaust system. This unbalanced system can cause engine vibration.
  • Clogged fuel filters: Clogged fuel filters lead to an uneven fuel mix in the cylinders, causing them to misfire and vibrate.
  • Low transmission fluid: Low transmission fluid, usually due to a leak, cause the transmission to slip, which results in vibrations.
  • Warped drive axles: Warped drive axles causes wheels to wobble, which leads to vibrations throughout the car’s body from the wheels up.
  • Worn-out fan belts: A belt that has become overstretched due to excessive use can cause engine vibration due to the belt slipping on the pulleys.
  • Failed catalytic converter: Catalytic Converter is an emissions control device designed to convert emissions from an internal combustion engine into less harmful pollutants. A malfunctioning catalytic converter causes engine vibration due to an increase in exhaust backpressure.
  • Unbalanced tires/wheels: Unevenly balanced tires cause shaking and vibration as the unevenly balanced weight within each tire puts extra stress on the suspension system.

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