Understanding When Your Car Needs Honda B13 Service

To make sure you don’t have to guess when your Honda needs service, Honda made the Honda maintenance minder. In fact, it’s a system that lets Honda owners know when their cars need certain repairs or services. You can see these messages on your dashboard as codes made up of letters and numbers.

What is the Honda B13 service for Honda?

The Honda B13 service for Honda is a maintenance task that all Honda cars need. It involves changing the gearbox fluid, the engine oil and filter, and the tyres.

When do you require the Honda B13 service?

The Honda maintenance minder will usually throw the B13 code on your screen to let you know when the B13 service is due. There are different ways this code can look on different Honda models, based on the type of engine, gearbox, or abuse the engine is getting.

Every Honda B13 needs a service every 30 to 50 thousand miles. Every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, your car will show the B1 service code when it’s time to change the engine oil and rotate the tyres. The car will show a Honda B13 service sign on the dashboard if the mileage has reached 30,000 to 50,000 miles, which is when the gearbox fluid needs to be changed and the oil needs to be changed normally.

But these tools might not work right and not let you know. You can still do maintenance based on what your owner’s manual says to do, even if you don’t get a notification. Your guidebook tells you all of your Honda’s service codes and when they need to be fixed.

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How much does it cost the Honda B13 service?

Service for a Honda B13 can cost anywhere from $150 to $300, based on who does it. Parts generally cost around $100, and labour costs around $120 an hour. But if you know what to do and have the right tools, you can do them yourself and save money.

It’s easy to do some B13 works, like changing the oil and filter and checking the axles. If you have to, leave the harder ones to your store or mechanic. Don’t do any of these things if you’re not sure you can. Instead, take your car to a professional mechanic to be fixed.


Like any other Honda service code, the B13 service code is important for the health and performance of your car. When you see the code, you should change the engine oil, filter and gearbox fluid, as well as the tyres and do any other work that it suggests.

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