Top 5 CVT Transmission Fluids: Reviews & Guide for 2024

Continuously Variable Transmission is what CVT stands for. It is also called transmission without shifts. It works like an automatic switch, which lets you change gears smoothly across a range of ratios. Use a CVT oil to keep the transmission running at its best and making it last longer. You might think that any oil will work on your CVT, but that’s not true. Different models use different CVT fluids, which are not the same as the fluids used in other automatic gears. There are a lot of CVT transmission fluids on the market today. We will help you choose the best one.

Best CVT Transmission Fluid

A CVT transmission oil keeps the transmission from losing heat by lubricating it. The oil keeps the system from rusting and wearing down and helps keep the viscosity and low-temperature fluidity. The following are some of the best CVT transmission fluids you should think about:

01. Castrol CVT Transmission Fluid

The best full synthetic oil and smooth drive technology in Castrol Transmax CVT transmission fluid make it work well. This oil is mostly made to be used in gears that have continuously variable transmissions. The oil makes the transmission last longer because it is made with better technology.

The friction durability of Castrol CVT transmission oil is better, which makes driving smoother. It keeps the transmission from wearing down, which makes it last longer. This Castrol Transmax CVT transmission fluid lubricant is made with better high-temperature safety, which helps it keep its good quality.

This Castrol CVT fluid can be used in most passenger cars with push-belt transmissions. The gearbox system’s chains and belts don’t slip because of the better variator torque. A number of Ford, Hyundai, Mini Cooper, Mazda, Chrysler, Daihatsu, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota cars work well with it.

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02. Idemitsu CVT Type N (NS-2) Transmission Fluid

The CVT transmission oil made by Idemitsu is specially made to meet the high standards of today’s continuously variable transmissions. The complex technology used to make this fluid includes synthetic base stocks and its own additive technology. Because of this, this transmission fluid works very well in JATCO CVTs with the right NS-2 fluid.

Idemitsu CVT oil gives you better control over deposits. These steps help keep the metal areas safe from rust and corrosion. The fluid is made with improved anti-wear fluid that protects the pulleys and belt as much as possible. The CVT works well in high-torque and tough situations because of the way its frictional features are set up.

The CVT transmission fluid is carefully designed to give you great control over its viscosity. It loses less viscosity when it sheers, forms a great lubricant film at high temperatures, and flows very well at low temperatures. Used Suzuki and Isuzu cars that use a fuel that meets the NS-2 requirements are great for this.

03. Valvoline CVT Transmission Fluid 

Valvoline CVT oil is made for variable transmissions that are made with the most up-to-date technology. It is made with quality synthetic base stocks, shear-stable viscosity modifiers, long-life friction modifiers, and special anti-wear additives.

This oil is made with anti-wear technology to help make transmissions last longer. It works well as an anti-shudder, a wet-clutch, and a great metal-to-metal protector in the CVT. This fluid is great because it doesn’t cost as much as other OEM fluids and won’t void your new car guarantee.

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The best CVT transmission additives and fully synthetic base stocks are used to make Valvoline CVT fluid. This makes it able to meet the high needs of continuously variable transmissions. It can be used in continuously changing transmissions that are driven by chains or belts. But it’s not a good idea to use it in hybrid CVT units like Ford and Toyota.

04. Nissan Genuine OEM CVT-2 Transmission Fluid 

Genuine Nissan OEM CVT-2 fluid is the best CVT fluid for the Nissan Altima. The Japanese car company makes this transmission oil for transmissions with continuously variable transmissions. The fluid was made with skill and has been tested. Trucks, SUVs, and trucks are perfect for this job.

This CVT oil for Nissans is made with special additives and friction modifiers that make sure it works precisely and steadily. It’s easy to shift because it’s very fluid at low temperatures. Nissan Genuine CVT oil is easy to use and stays at the right pressure even when it’s hot outside.

The Nissan Genuine OEM transmission oil is made so that your Nissan’s transmission doesn’t whine, slip, or shudder. It’s easy to find at local shops or online at sites like Amazon. It is very important to know that this CVT oil is only made for Nissan cars and might not work on other cars.

05. Genuine Honda CVT-1 Transmission Fluid 

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) oil that comes with your Honda is True Honda CVT-1. It works best with Honda CVTs. When you use an OEM fluid, you know that the name and product will work well for your car without having to guess what will work. You can use this CVT transmission fluid in any Honda car with a continuously variable transmission.

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The newest chemicals and technology base oils are used to make this Honda CVT fluid. It flows very well in cold weather, which makes it easy to start. This Honda transmission oil lasts longer between drains, leaves behind fewer deposits, and makes the CVT more resistant to oxidation. It makes the transmission last longer by lowering wear.


The best CVT transmission fluid helps the transmission get rid of heat. On top of that, the fluid keeps the surfaces from wearing down or rusting and keeps the belt contact constant. A good CVT fluid should be able to keep its flow and thickness at low temperatures. Make sure that the transmission oil you pick works with the model of your car. The CVT oils we’ve already talked about are some of the best from well-known brands, and they will not let you down.

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