7. Denso vs. NGK: Which Spark Plug is Better?

In a petrol engine, spark plugs are very important because they move electricity from the spark plug to the combustion chamber so that the fuel-air mixture can be burned. For the most power, you should look for the best spark plugs on the market. We now have to talk about Denso vs. NGK.

Both Denso and NGK are well-known types of spark plugs, and they have a lot in common. Taking a close look at this duel will help you decide which name is best.

Denso Vs. NGK: Which One Is Better?

Depending on your preferences, Denso or NGK may be the better choice. Due to Denso’s availability, a lot of people will choose it. NGK creates parity by incorporating affordability into the mix.

Though the products from each company are impressive, NGK’s ruthenium plugs are particularly noteworthy because of their exceptional efficiency and performance. Their durability is highlighted by the Denso v. NGK dispute involving platinum and iridium. With these kinds of spark plugs, it is more of a tie because both brands deliver their best products.

Reddit discussions comparing Denso and NGK reveal that while Denso also sells OEM parts, most users prefer NGK for OEM plugs. Denso spark plugs are perfect for high-performance cars, especially ones with tuned engines because of their heat range. Passenger automobiles without modifications can use NGK plugs.

Denso Vs. NGK Differences

We will look at the Denso vs. NGK discrepancies, which are the main topic of this discussion. We examine the variances according to multiple attributes for your convenience, as follows.

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The first thing we look at is the catalogues for each company. It’s clear that both have good groups of products. The spark plugs are made of platinum and iridium, which are strong and will last a long time.

In the Denso vs. NGK spark plug argument about product variety, NGK has a slight edge because its ruthenium plugs use the newest technology for better efficiency. Denso’s U-groove plugs can get as good of gas mileage as ruthenium’s.

In their catalogues, the two brands list more car parts than just spark plugs. Denso has more parts, such as sensors, filters, ignition coils, parts for cooling the engine, and more. There are cutting tools, wire sets, sensors, and ignition coils at NGK.


If you read the Reddit talks about Denso vs. NGK spark plugs, you’ll know that how well they work is a big part of choosing the best brand. During the chats, the technologies of both brands are talked about. For example, Denso’s Twin Tip technology allows for full burning and less quenching.

NGK’s ruthenium spark plugs, on the other hand, have modern technology that includes square platinum electrodes that are projected and double fine wire electrode tip designs. These spark plugs are easy to light, so they can be used for cold starts.

Heat Range

Spark plugs do more than just start the combustion process. They also move heat away from the combustion area. This brings us to the Denso vs. NGK heat range debate, which is related to the functionality issue. The spark plug’s heat range tells you how much heat it gives off.

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Based on how they spread heat, there are two types of plugs. The cold type moves heat quickly and works well with strong engines that give off a lot of heat. Hot plugs spread heat more slowly and are mostly used in passenger cars to keep the right temperature.

The heat range for NGK spark plugs is from 2 to 12, with 12 being the coldest and 2 being the hottest. The range for Denso plugs is from 9 to 37. We can see that Denso is more on the cold side, which is good for cars with high RPM. NGK works well with cars and trucks.

There is now a fourth player in the Denso vs. NGK vs. Bosch spark plug wars. Spark plugs from Bosch run from 2 to 10, with 2 being the coldest and 10 being the hottest. Bosch is a well-known brand of car parts. It’s in the same group as NGK.

Product Availability

Denso has more than 200 related companies, which gives it a bigger share of the market. It also makes about 6 billion spark plugs every year. With 35 factories, NGK makes about 1 billion spark plugs a year, which is a good part of the market. It is easier to find Denso goods.


When choosing a spark plug name, price is an important thing to think about. For Denso vs. NGK price, we can see that NGK is less expensive, but only by a small amount. Where you buy the plugs will also change the price.


Spark plugs are an important part of petrol engines because they provide the spark that starts the burning process. It also helps get rid of heat that isn’t needed from the combustion area. This piece introduces us to the top spark plug brands and the Denso vs. NGK debate.

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Japanese companies Denso and NGK make billions of plugs every year through businesses all over the world. From the debate, you can find out more about the names and choose the one that you like best. Don’t forget to change the plugs when the engine is completely dead for it to work at its best.

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